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The 5th Symposium of World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies
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The 1st International Neuroscience Confederation Congress

  MASSIN Interim Meeting


17 - 22 April, 2016


The creation of Iran International Neuroscience Institute (IINI) in Tehran is a unique milestone in the history of neurosciences, not only for Iran, but worldwide. To design a project in such a magnitude, I have employed both my experience of over 4 decades of work in neurosurgery as well as 15 years of executive practice in INI Hannover in Germany.

The learning curve and process of these 15 years has broadened our view and helped us realize how we can accelerate the development of neurosurgery in diagnostic and individual treatments through intensive international and interdisciplinary cooperation.

 The Iran INI will start work with the goal to realize this philosophy and bring many new innovations for the future.

 Since the initiation of the Iran INI project 5 years ago, a great number of individuals have worked voluntarily to help realize my vision of creating a center of excellence in Tehran with the latest innovations in high-technology for diagnostic and treatment procedures of patients with neurological disorders.

 I am very pleased and honored that an international faculty - in cooperation with my Iranian colleagues – joined me in designing all different specialties required for such a center.

 Iran INI is now prepared to not only serve patients in the best way possible, but also to contribute to the development of clinical neurosciences all over the world through high level scientific activities.

 To signify the importance of this occasion, we decided to dedicate the 7th International Neurosurgical Symposium to the inauguration of IINI. I am very honored and grateful that the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societiesalso decided to holdthe 5th Symposium of WFNS as a joint meeting to highlight this significant event.

 The philosophy of international interdisciplinary cooperation is at the heart of the foundation of IINI. It is no coincidence therefore, that the International Neuroscience Journal will hold its first editorial board meeting and the 1st International Neurosciences Congress simultaneously with the IINI inauguration.

Due to the scope of the event, we are expecting a very exciting scientific program during 6 complete days in which the most outstanding experts from all over the world will participate to deliver and share their knowledge with the attendees.

It is evident that the organization of an event in such a dimension is only possible through the help and support of many individuals, institutions and societies, among which I would like to sincerely thank the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, The IRI Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the IRI Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the IRI Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the IRI Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, the IRI Management and Planning Organization, the Vice-presidency of Science and Technology, Imam Reza Charity, INI Hannover and China INI.

One of the valuable outcomes of this joint event will be the publication of the distinguished lectures to be available to all interested parties.

It is my strong belief that this event will bring much positive attention to Neurosciences and will be a success story to be celebrated.




Best Regards,

Madjid Samii

  • Prof. Madjid Samii
  • Dr.Ali Jafarian
  • Dr.Alireza Daliri
  • Dr.Hasan EmamiRazavi
  • Dr. S.Mohamad Ghodsi
  • Dr Hamid Rahmat
  • Prof. Amir Samii
  • Prof. Yong-Kwang TU
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